Pokemon GO Strange Eggs and Shiny Mewtwo

A new sort of Pokemon Egg is in Pokemon GO this week – here's why that's important. As it's been with past "new" releases like this, Niantic's likely set to continue changing the way Pokemon Eggs are used and monetized. For now, the "Strange Eggs" are part of the Team GO Rocket Event that takes place October 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19, 2020.

Right this minute you should see new Pokemon will appear in the newest sort of Pokemon eggs. These new "Strange Eggs" include the following Pokemon, with rewards between 16 and 32 candy. That's the same as 10km eggs – but these eggs are 12km! Spooky!

• Deino

• Absol

• Sandile

• Larvitar

• Scraggy

• Trubbish

• Vullaby

• Pawniard

Niantic stated that it is "time to join Professor Willow and investigate Team GO Rocket's involvement with Strange Egges, culminating in a battle with Giovanni himself for a chance to rescue Shadow Mewtwo!" And that's not the only Shiny Shadow Pokemon that'll appear with this event...

New Shiny Shadow Pokemon began to appear on the 12th of October, including Shiny Growlithe, Shiny Drowzee, and Shiny Omanyte. All of these Pokemon appeared (and continue to appear) in battles with Rocket Leaders of several sorts. A boosted set of Pokemon spawns appeared starting on the 12th, including what you'll see below.

• Gulpin

• Stunky

• Purrloin

• Nuzleaf

• Spinarak

• Houndour [S]

• Poochyena [S]

• Croagunk [S]

• Skorupi [S]

If you're going for the full round of Giovanni Research, you're going to have to spin 5 POkestops, defeat 3 Team GO Rocket Grunts, Catch 1 Shadow Pokemon, Catch 5 more Shadow Pokemon, make 3 nice Curveball throws in a row (frankly the most difficult part of this whole puzzle), and Purify 5 Shadow Pokemon.

That's just stages 1 and 2. You'll have to continue on by defeating a Team GO Rocket Leader 3 times, hatch 3 eggs, and earn 5 candies by walking with your buddy. In Stage 4, you'll need to defeat Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra. Stage 5 requires that you find the Team Rocket GO boss, battle said boss, and defeat said boss. At the end of all that, you'll see Shadow Mewtwo.