Pokemon GO Shiny vote: Which of these 4 is best?

Niantic revealed a set of four Pokemon that could, potentially, be the next Community Day special. That'd mean the Pokemon was released in great numbers for a brief number of hours with the potential to learn a special move and a far better chance of appearing as a Shiny Pokemon. In the mix are the following four: Porygon, Caterpie, Grimer, and Charmander.

The differences between these four Pokemon are many. Some are better for battles, some look better as a Shiny Pokemon. Some are rarer, some fall into the "cult classic" category. It'll be interesting to see what you think is best based on your own criteria – and what the public will decide for the real-deal vote!


Porygon isn't likely your best choice when it comes to battle power, but it's certainly the TOP choice when it comes to rarity. Many players haven't even SEEN a Porygon, much less caught enough to evolve to the current TWO evolved forms of the Pokemon.

The original version of Porygon is red and white. The Shiny version of Porygon is blue and sort of... reddish purple. Once it gets to its ultimate evolved form, Porygon is blue with white/gray accents and a yellow eye!


Caterpie, Metapod, and Butterfree are... extremely cute. Their shiny forms look a whole lot different from their original form – not green, but YELLOW for the Caterpie. Not green, but ORANGE for the Metapod. The Shiny version of Butterfree has green eyes, a purple body, and salmon-colored accents.

Caterpie, Metapod, and Butterfree are the weakest of the collection on which to vote – for PvP and Raid battles. They'll only win the voting battle if Shiny seekers come out in force to vote.


Grimer and Muk are no longer purple in their shiny form, but green, with light purple tongues. Their cool color factor is defeated in a BIG way by the Alolan version of the pair – rainbow colors, and all that. They're OK in battle.


Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard – easily one of the most desirable Pokemon in the game due to its percieved power. Shiny Charmander is slightly lighter than its non-Shiny form – same with Charmeleon. It's Charizard that really changes – instead of orange, it's dark gray/black – epic!

The Pokemon card game's original set had a shiny Charizard that's currently the most valuable Pokemon card in the world. Not because it's the best, but because when the first set was released, Charizard was the de-facto coolest card in the set. That coolness has bled out over the entire Pokemon multi-media empire.

Where do I vote?

The voting booth will be open soon – stay tuned! Niantic generally lists the vote via their social media channels, and we'll be sure to post the link here when the time comes, too!