Pokemon GO Shiny Mew and Ditto release date and Kanto details

Niantic revealed a few more details today about their upcoming Pokemon GO Tour: Kanto event that'll start at 9AM on Saturday, February 20, 2021. This event will last until 9PM that same day – local times for both start and finish. This event will feature all 150 original Pokemon, including the long-awaited SHINY DITTO. And a Shiny Mew, but who cares, right?

Pokemon GO Tour: Kanto includes a Special Research story in which the trainer and Professor Willow will explore the Kanto region, "learning all about the Pokemon originally discovered in the Kanto region." Once this Special Research is complete, the trainer will gain access to Shiny Ditto.

There'll be 10 new Collection Challenges, "based upon their ticket color." Completion of all 10 Collection Challenges will require that the player collect one massive amount of Pokemon. Dependent on your ticket color for the event, standard Incense will attract one color of Pokemon or the other, meaning some players will have an easier time finishing some collection challenges, while others will have an easier time with others.

This event will also feature a new sort of research called "Masterwork Research." This research will only be available once the Pokemon GO Tour: Kanto Special Research is complete.

Masterwork Research will be exceedingly difficult to complete. "Just completing the first page will require that you receive your platinum Kanto medal." You'll also need to catch 30 Pokemon of EACH TYPE, spin a cool 151 UNIQUE Pokestops, reach level 40, walk 151 km, and MORE STUFF TOO.

Once you've done all that, and you're likely 100 years old because that'll take you FOREVER, you'll get a reward. The reward at the end of this path is an encounter with Shiny Mew. Madness!