Pokemon GO Seviper and Zangoose flip-flops

Chris Burns - Jan 5, 2018, 4:21 pm CST
Pokemon GO Seviper and Zangoose flip-flops

The newest Pokemon GO region-exclusive monsters moved this week – after less than a month! This was the first time this set of Pokemon moved location – they’d previously been relegated to locations in which they’d first spawned. Before this week, Zangoose was to be found only in North America, over to Africa and just a few surrounding areas. Now this monster’s moved!

Users will find Seviper in the places where Zangoose were available in the recent past. In other words, North America has no more Zangoose, and Seviper is here to stay – for now. This first switch happened rather quickly. This might indicate that these Pokemon aren’t just region exclusives, but timing exclusives as well.

Region exclusive Pokemon in the future might also be appearing only for short periods of time, then blasted off the map entirely for long periods of time. These two particular region exclusives wont likely be in the same location ever – just as long as Niantic follows past Pokemon rules.

What’s odd about this switch is the non-movement of Relicanth. The Relicanth monster is down in the Pacific Islands, not available to the likes of us USA-bound folks.

Relicanth – New Zealand
Seviper – NA, SA, Africa
Zangoose – Europe, Asia, Australia
Minun – Europe, Asia, Australia
Plusle – NA, SA, Africa
Corsola – Central America, SA, Florida, Texas, Australia
Heracross – Central America, SA, Florida
Mr Mime – Europe
Kangaskhan – Australia
Tauros – NA
Farfetch’d – Asia

NA = North America
SA = South America

Above you’ll find the full list of region-exclusive Pokemon from around the world. If you happen to find a Mr. Mine, let us know! These won’t be the last region-exclusive releases – they’re only what’s out right this minute!

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