Pokemon GO Ralts: Guide tips and stats for August Community Day

Today Niantic revealed they'd be doing a Community Day with Ralts. The Pokemon named Ralts. You know the one... wait, what's that? You have no idea what a Ralts can do, much less what a Ralts looks like? Me too. Or at least that was me before we did some research in the GO Lab earlier today. Now we're ready to give you the FULL rundown on this next-gen Pokemon on which you're going to want to get your hands very, very soon.

All the Ralts details in Pokemon GO

Ralts is a pretty awesome little monster – and one that we don't often speak of because of its relative not-quite-best status in the game. Ralts is the first in a line of Pokemon that runs through Kirlia and Gardevoir – but also Gallade (with a Sinnoh Stone). To evolve a Kirlia into a Gallade, a user will need to first make sure they've got a MALE Kirlia, then evolve with a Sinnoh Stone!

The chances you'll get a male or a female Ralts in the first place is approximately 50/50 out there in the wild. Standard flee rate is right at 9%, which is pretty standard, and capture rate is currently 40%.

Ralts can come with Confusion or Charge Beam for fast moves (weird, right?) and Charge Moves include Psyshock, Disarming Voice, and Shadow Sneak. The MAX CP you'll find on this Pokemon is 539 – so if you find a Ralts with CP over 500, keep it!

This Pokemon is both Fairy and Psychic type, and generally comes in at around 6.6kg for weight and a height of 0.4m. At this moment there is NO Shiny Ralts. But that may change when the community day rolls up – we shall see! The Shiny Ralts is Blue, Yellow, and Pink where the standard Ralts is Green, Red, and White.

Pokemon GO August Community Day: Ralts!

The release date for the August Pokemon GO community day is August 3, 2019. That's coming up quick! On that date, from the times 4PM until 7PM local time (your PM time, 4PM, whenever the hour shall hit, until 7PM,) you'll find Ralts! There'll be a lot of Ralts for you to catch. There'll be so many Ralts, you won't know what to do with yourself! You'll run out of Pokeballs real quick!

Lucky for you, there are other bonuses in the mix. You'll find that Pokemon Lures (for Pokestops) last not just 30 minutes, but 3 HOURS at a time. That means you'll want to attach a lure at 4PM for the full event effect!

While you're out there walking from Pokestop to Pokestop, you'll be seeing egg hatches far quicker than normal. That's because the distance you'll need to walk for each individual Pokemon egg will be cut down to 1/4 its normal requirement!

Each Ralts you catch will have the potential to get an exclusive move. This means it MAY have a move that won't appear on a Ralts at any other time, forever, or at least until another similar community day rolls up. And that probably will not happen any time soon. When we learn the name of the exclusive move, we'll let you know!