Pokemon GO Raid Distance And New Promo Codes [Try These!]

Rules that applied to Pokemon Gym Battles in Pokemon GO do not necessarily apply to RAID Battles. This is what players have discovered this week in a number of instances which indicate the direction Niantic is going in with Pokemon GO in the near future. Today we've also got a set of Promo Codes for users all around the world to try – but take a peek quick, they'll be gone in a matter of minutes!

Gym STANDARD Battle Distance

The first and most major difference between a standard Pokemon GO Gym Battle and a RAID Battle is physical distance. Both sorts of battle must be started when in physical range of the Pokemon Gym, but not once the battle has started. Once the battle has started, a Pokemon Gym Battle keeps a physical distance rule in check, while a RAID battle does not.

To be clear – if a Pokemon Gym Battle is initiated, the user must remain within a short distance from the Gym location. Once the distance ring is crossed (you'll see it on the screen), the battle will be cancelled. This can happen at any time, even if the battle is already done and the rewards haven't been distributed.

Gym RAID Battle Distance

Pokemon GO's RAID Battle system has a slightly different set of requirements. Users must be within range of the Pokemon Gym when the RAID battle begins, but once it starts, distance is no object – SORT OF.

There's also a distance requirement for catching the RAID Boss if the user's team has won. This distance requirement is only in play if the player has left the battle at some point – for instance if the game has crashed, or the player's phone ran out of battery. At that point, the reward in attempting to catch the RAID Boss can be tried for, but only if the player returns to the Gym. In some cases, this means entering a whole new RAID Battle.

New Promo Codes for Pokemon GO

The codes we have here come from our intrepid crew who've attained most from Sprint stores in the recent past. Others come from the same source we had with our first batch of codes. While we have been able to confirm that at least one code from each bunch, we cannot guarantee that all codes will work.

Potential Pokemon GO Promo Codes:










UPDATE: New codes added, first codes removed!

But even if they don't work, you've got nothing to lose! Some codes may have been used by the time this article has been posted for several hours – or even several minutes, we'll just have to wait and see. If you've tried every single code and they all come up used, let us know and we'll update! Or just tag us or reply to this Tweet on Twitter in our @TeamPokemonGO Twitter portal account!