Pokemon GO players get their own lobby in NY mall

Some restaurants and cities have created special places for Pokemon GO players. Dusseldorf, for example, has designated traffic officials to redirect traffic when a lot of Pokemon GO players are congregated on a specific bridge. Now one New York mall, Colonie Center, has done something similar, only with its lobby. The mall, which is located in Albany, has embraced its designation as a PokeGym and has turned its lobby into an area for Pokemon GO players.

Pokemon GO hotspots are all over the place, some in strange locations like cemeteries and private homes, others near businesses. Those businesses by and large love their fortunate happenstance — having a bunch of players nearby is a boon for sales, especially if you're offering something like overpriced soft drinks and on-the-go snacks.

The Colonie Center mall in Albany, New York, happens to be a PokeGym, and it seems to be happy about that. Per photos posted by a Redditor, the mall is being as welcoming to Pokemon GO players as it can, having put down a giant green Pokemon emblem in the middle of its lobby...making visitors know that they're not just in the right place, but that they're welcomed to be there.

The lobby has also been redecorated; the mall put up Pokemon posters on the support pillars and, as you can see hanging from the ceiling in the photo, some flags. It's yet another fun example of everyone getting into the Pokemon spirit, and we'll no doubt see more examples like it pop up as the game continues to hold a large fan base.

VIA: The Next Web