Pokemon GO login logout error - It's not just you

Today Pokemon GO issues appear to be hassling users with Android devices inside the USA. The issue seems to focus on Android devices, but may also affect users on other platforms. Starting in the early hours of November 2, 2020, users were logged out of their games on their smartphone devices and were "unable to login." This should ring a bell if you've been playing Pokemon GO since the beginning. Login issues like these were exceedingly common in the first several months of the launch of the game.

If you're experiencing an issue in Pokemon GO where you're logged out and cannot log back in, you're not alone! The login situation with Pokemon GO this morning seems to be server-side, as app-centric solutions (reset, delete and re-download, etc), have not been successful. As noted by users like Blackdragonbird on Reddit, Google accounts as well as Facebook (login) accounts are unable to enter the game right this minute.

The logout issue appeared right on-time for students' return to school, as luck might've had it. If you're home-schooling, the inability to log in to Pokemon GO might be a blessing in disguise. If you're still going to school in-person, it's always better to avoid the Pokemon GO action during class.

The logout and login issue will almost certainly be temporary. As these sorts of events have occurred in the past, Niantic's been relatively quick about mitigating disaster and returning servers to normal in a timely fashion. Cross your fingers they'll have it all fixed by the time the current Halloween event series is finished!

UPDATE: Per Downdetector, issues started to appear in numbers worthy of complaint starting at around 8AM Central Time on November 2, 2020. Notes on issues appear to be focused in New York and California (per usual), but also seem to be focused in places like Paris, London, Berlin, and Munich. Almost like this would be a key time for Germany to play Pokemon GO, so they're most likely the most vocal about the issue – how about that?