Pokemon GO Level 50 rewards: Research Task level bonkers

Research Tasks for Pokemon GO appear at all levels of difficulty, from nearly the beginning of the game. Now that we're several years out from the game's first release, we've got a need for not only the basics, not only mid-tier and difficult research tasks, but insanely difficult-level research tasks and rewards, too. This week we've got the details on the highest requirements for the most monstrous research tasks in the game!

Some of these notes were revealed before, some just appeared over the last week in Serebii. They've been in the code for the game since this past November (back in 2020), but they're only just now coming to light. When you've got something this extraordinarily difficult to attain and it's only housed on the server side of the game, it takes a bit!

The tasks are separated into four parts, and three sub-parts. The first of the four includes a requirement for 500 Great Curveball Throws, visiting PokeStops 15 days in a row, and the making of 5 Excellent Throws in a row. These tasks deliver rewards as follows: 5000 stardust, 10 star pieces, and 5000 stardust (again), respectively. Total rewards also deliver 10000 stardust and a Random Unown Encounter!

Part 2 includes hatching 50 eggs, winning 15 trainer battles in GO battle league, and catching 5000 Pokemon. That's FIVE, THOUSAND, POKEMON. For this you'll get 5k stardust, 10 rare candy, and 5k stardust again. The total reward for this set of tasks includes 10k stardust and 10 premium battle passes.

Part 3 includes the following requirements: earn 50 Candies walking with your buddy, evolve 50 Pokemon, and win 50 raid battles. You'll get 5k stardust, 10 incense, and 5k stardust again. Total reward includes 10k stardust and 10 super incubators.

Once you claim rewards for these first three parts, you'll get 50k stardust, a Noibat Encounter (weird, right?), and another 50k stardust. Once all three rewards are attained, you'll get 10x Rare Candy XL, Pose 6 for your avatar, and a Mewtwo encounter!

That's nothing compared to the Mew encounter you'll get from the Kanto Region business coming up soon – but still. Neat!