Pokemon GO Legendary Raid (How to catch em all)

This week the Legendary Pokemon GO releases began – and they're not about to stop soon. The first Legendary Pokemon to be released in this way were Legendary Bird Pokemon Articuno and Lugia. Both of these Pokemon are relatively difficult to beat, and extremely difficult to catch – unless you're in Chicago. For everyone else, a bit of strategy is needed.


The first Pokemon most people are searching for in this Legendary week we're having is Lugia. Not necessarily because Lugia is the best – but because he's the Pokemon that might not last the longest in the game. He's also the trio boss – the leader of the other three legendary bird Pokemon that've been revealed thus far.

To defeat Lugia, have a peek at our how to beat Lugia in a Pokemon GO Raid Battle guide. The nutshelled version is that you'll want to get yourself in a position where there's a bunch of other players battling with you, and when you battle, consider Tyranitar, Gengar, and Jolteon. Don't count out Blissey, too – she'll last the longest of the whole bunch.


The Articuno strategy is relatively similar to that of Lugia in that Tyranitar is going to be a really good bet right out the gate. You'll also want to find a bunch of people to battle with – think 10+. This Legendary Bird is also weak against Omastar, Flareon, and the big bossman Golem!

Legendary vs Legendary

Should I use a Legendary Pokemon to battle another Legendary Pokemon? At the moment no, you probably shouldn't. Lugia isn't especially strong against Articuno, and vice versa. They're sort of so-so vs one another. Unless of course you have a mega-massive version of one or the other – then go wild!

How do I catch them?

To assure yourself the best possible chance of capturing a Legendary Pokemon is to bring the heat, and to bring the heat to a Gym that's controlled by your team. If you attack a gym controlled by your team with a crew of friends that are also on your team, you'll have the best chance of getting the most Pokeballs to use when the Bonus Challenge arrives.

The Bonus Challenge is where the Legendary Pokemon can be caught. This is the place you're going to want to use your Razz Berries and your Golden Razz Berries. You earn Golden Razz Berries by winning a Raid Battle. With a Golden Razz Berry, your chances of capturing a Legendary Pokemon are far greater.

Also be sure to spin your Pokeball and land the Pokeball when the circle around the Pokemon is at its largest. And – this should be most obvious of all – use your Ultra Balls. This is the best possible place to use these Pokeballs – it's time!

What's Next? Future Strategy

Next we'll see Zapados and Moltres. When the time comes for those Pokemon to be battled in Raid form, we'll have new guides for you with the best possible Raiders to boot. Hint: they'll both have GOLEM in the mix, and Tyranitar too!

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