Pokemon Go hunter catches 'em all at the Nurburgring

The over the top Russian guy you see in the video here is Boosted Boris, he's clearly a car guy. He decided to take his Pokemon Go hunting to Germany's famed Nurburgring, otherwise known as "The Green Hell." The track is very challenging, very fast, and has lots of traffic. In fact there is so much traffic that there is a famed Ring Taxi service that will hoon you around the track in the passenger seat of various BMW rides.

In the case of our pal Boris here, he is taking a lap of the track in a BMW M3 at a cost of 269 Euro. In case you are wondering, this is actually a legit Pokemon hunting service that the Ring Taxi offers, not just something Boris cooked up. His first catch is (if I am hearing correctly) a zoobot (or something similar) right by the taxi and he catches it.

This is apparently the first Pokemon Ring Taxi ride. He also finds a fox something or other at the gate to the ring. Boris and his diver go on to ride. It appears to be hard to catch Pokemon at speed on the Nurburgring. The taxi does go very slow, which is uncommon. Usually these Ring Taxi drivers haul serious tail around the track.

If you are unfamiliar with the Nurburgring it's a very long racing track open to the public when professional events aren't going on. The track can be driven by anyone with any type of vehicle, which means there are a lot of crashes there. The track is 12.9 miles long and has 1,000 feet of elevation change. One thing that seems a bit unsafe to me is the huge difference in speed between some of the drivers, overtaking is one of the most dangerous parts of track driving.