Pokemon GO Grass Event update and a mystery 'mon

The Pokemon GO Grass Event has begun in earnest and the whole in-game universe is aflutter with Pokeballs flying directly at the faces of green pocket monsters. Much of what this event will bring has already been revealed – mostly having to do with the type of Pokemon that are a lot more common for the next 84 (or so) hours. There's still a question about alternate-color Pokemon in the wild, though – is that Bulbasaur shiny? Or is it just Niantic playing a trick on the Pokemon GO community?

Over the weekend this Grass event will splatter masses of Grass-type Pokemon in all areas of the planet. All biomes, that is to say. There won't necessarily be Pokemon in places where Pokemon wouldn't normally spawn at all. Sticking close to paths in big parks and near landmarks is still the best way to find the most pocket monsters.

The Pokemon most likely to spawn in or around the areas that already had grass Pokemon have a better chance now of seeing higher-tier evolutions. Potential CP and/or IV numbers are still going to be random, but with more Grass-type Pokemon popping up, there's a far better chance of seeing an Venusaur. Not that we'll be looking for a Venusaur, but it's always nice to see a 3rd-tier out in the wild.

Grass-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO:

• Bulbasaur

• • Ivysaur

• • • Venusaur

• Oddish

• • Gloom

• • • Vileplume

• Paras

• • Parasect

• Caterpie

• • Metapod

• • • Butterfree

• Bellsprout

• • Weepinbell

• • • Victreebel

• Exeggcute

• • Exeggutor

• Tangela

• Chikorita

• • Bayleef

• • • Meganium

• Hoppip

• • Skiploom

• • • Jumpluff

• Sunkern

All Pokemon above have a better chance of appearing anywhere Pokemon spawn in the entire planet of Pokemon GO. The 2nd and 3rd evolutions are rarer, but ever-so-slightly more common than they'd normally be. As Niantic suggested earlier this week, "Professor Willow's research into Pokémon habitats around the world has uncovered some interesting findings. His initial reports indicate that we'll see an influx of Grass-type Pokémon sometime this weekend."

Forums and social networks have been rumbling with chatter on the color of the Bulbasaur presented by Niantic for promoting this event. The body of this Pokemon is light enough to potentially be a Shiny Bulbasaur, but its bulb is too light. It's a real mystery – until we see the real deal. It might also be an Eevee – but that's more of a wild guess based on a very salty rumor.

Also during this event there'll be a boost to the Pokestop Pokemon Lure Module. Instead of lasting 30 minutes, the Lure will last a whopping 3-hours. Lots and lots of Pokemon shall be spawned upon the Pokestop of the player's choice, of that we can be certain. UPDATE: Pokemon Lure Modules will actually last a full SIX HOURS at a time. So many spawns, so few Pokeballs!

This event will end at midnight PDT on the 8th of May, 2017. At that time, according to Niantic, the event will be OVER, and all grass Pokemon will disappear, mercilessly. Grab your Pokeballs and leave work or school IMMEDIATELY if you've not already done so – it's time!

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