Pokemon GO gets social media feed for optimal addiction

Today the folks at Niantic revealed a social media feed section in Pokemon GO unlike any in the app before. This new feature is called "TODAY", and it sits alongside Field Research and Special Research tasks in the game's readout section. TODAY is a layout with news, updates, and statuses on Pokemon in Gyms – plus Streaks in-progress.

UPDATE with more specificity: The game's new feature, TODAY, or "Today View", includes Events, Streaks, Upcoming, and Pokemon in Gyms. The top bit of the Today View section will show Events. This should allow users to see what's going on right now as well as what's coming up soon.*

*Niantic suggested that Events "won't be visible when the Today View first launches," but they'll be in the game after launch.

The Pokemon in Gyms section will allow users to see all the monsters they've got housed in Pokemon Gym locations at any given time. They'll show how much motivation each Pokemon has left, which Pokemon are still in gyms or have been sent back, and how many PokeCoins have been earned. (This bit is the PokeCoins earned from defending Gyms, specifically.)

The Streaks section shows "Daily PokeStop Spin" as well as "Daily Pokemon Catch" streaks – and other streaks that'll keep you playing every single day, forever. You can never stop playing, ever again. But no worries, there'll be an "Upcoming" section, too, where in-game events are announced!

This system will be released in Pokemon GO in the near future. Niantic's not yet revealed the exact date at which TODAY will be released to the game. Given the amount of attention the game's gotten now that we're all in quarantine and the game's converted itself to a stay-at-home sort of situation, we're hoping this update will come about soon! See more from SlashGear's Pokemon GO Twitter account right now!