Pokemon GO Fest turned off your Adventure Sync

If you're playing Pokemon GO and you're a big fan of Adventure Sync, you might want to take a look at the app right this minute. Over the weekend, Niantic seems to have de-activated Adventure Sync for many players that participated in Pokemon GO Fest 2020. UPDATE: It would appear that some players that did not participate in the event saw their Adventure Sync deactivated as well.

It's important to note, here, that Adventure Sync isn't disabled forever. It would appear that Niantic deactivated Adventure Sync during Pokemon GO, but did not intend to remove the feature forever. The situation now is simple:

• Adventure Sync was switched off during Pokemon GO Fest 2020

• You probably want Adventure Sync switched on

• You probably forgot you turned Adventure Sync on in the first place

• All you need to do now is re-activated Adventure Sync

To re-activate Adventure Sync, you'll need to to tap the Pokeball in the bottom middle of your Pokemon GO UI, then the gear (Settings), then just tap Adventure Sync! Make sure there's a check mark in the circle, rather than just an empty circle.

With Adventure Sync, Pokemon GO will use your phone's GPS tracking system to see how far you've walked, adding said steps to your Pokemon Buddy (for Buddy Candy) and your Pokemon Egg Incubators. You'll be hatching so many Pokemon Eggs, you won't know which way is up!

Pokemon GO Fest 2020 was otherwise a massive success – to such a degree that many players saw slow loading speeds and errors of many sorts in the first hour after the event began on Saturday. By Sunday, everything seemed to be well in order!

Did you enjoy Pokemon GO Fest 2020? Do you think Niantic should keep this format for future Pokemon GO events, even after we move beyond this global pandemic?