Pokemon GO Fest 2020 Day 2 Team Rocket takeover detailed

We're dropping in on Day 2 of Pokemon GO Fest 2020 with details on the event for both ticket holders and non-ticket-holders alike! This day's all about Team GO Rocket and their evil takeover of the entire planet. There are some STRANGE features out today, including but not limited to new Shadow Pokemon, a new Giovanni line-up, and bonuses galore.

All trainers

Regardless of your ticket status for Pokemon GO Fest 2020, Sunday the 26th of July, 2020 will be full of oddities in Pokemon GO. For ALL gamers in Pokemon GO on Sunday, Team GO Rocket balloons will continue to appear, and more Team GO Rocket grunts will be capturing PokeStops everywhere.

Strange: There's a feature with a Charged TM during Team Go Rocket's take-over that only seems to work with the attack "Frustration." If you have a Pokemon with the attack "Frustration" and you have a Charged TM, you may want to consider using that Charged TM on Sunday to learn a new move that "seems to be possible only for a limited time during Team GO Rocket's take-overs."

Team GO Rocket teams with new Shadow Pokemon:

• Sierra: Beldum, Houndoom, Zapdos

• Cliff: Pinsir, Tyranitar, Articuno

• Arlo: Mawile, Scizor, Moltres

• Giovanni: (Shadow Persian)

Giovanni's lineup has not yet been revealed, but you'll be able to rescue Shadow Persian if you're able to beat the Team GO Rocket boss by the end of the day!

ALSO: Team GO Rocket battles will be "progressively easier throughout the day." So if you're FRUSTRATED in the morning, come back later in the day and try again.

Pokemon GO Fest Ticket Holders

Pokemon GO Fest 2020 day 2, Sunday, July 26, starting at 10AM and ending at 8PM local time, GO Fest ticket holders will experience the following in Pokemon GO.

• Rocket Straight to Victory: Special Research

• Rewards for "Rocket" research include Pokemon encounters that can assist you in defeating the Team GO Rocket leaders that'll appear throughout the day.

• 2x Stardust for defeating Team Go Rocket Grunts

• 2x Mysterious Components for defeating Team Go Rocket Grunts

• Snapshots include photobombs from "unwanted guests"

Incense activated during either one of the event's proceedings will last for one hour "and will be even better at attracting featured Pokemon." To access Special Research for both days, each trainer must open the app at least once each day!