Pokemon GO essentially free Remote Raid Passes activated

This week at Niantic some decisions were made regarding backlash over Mega Raids and Mega Evolutions. To the tune of three essentially free Remote Raid Passes, Niantic's attempting to make amends. If you'd like to get in on this action, all you'll really need to do is head in to the Pokemon GO in-game store and tap the buy button.

If you head to your in-game store in Pokemon GO right this minute, you'll most likely find a Gift Box for a single Pokecoin. If you have one, SINGLE, Pokecoin, you'll be able to purchase this box that contains a cool THREE Remote Raid Passes.

It's not immediately clear why Niantic didn't just give these passes away for zero coins – but it may have something to do with a clash of interests with the already in-play Free Gift Box system. This one-coin situation is largely a formality.

IF you are not able to see the box in the store right this minute, it's most likely because you are already in possession of several Remote Raid passes before you attempt to see said box. If you have fewer than three Remote Raid passes, you SHOULD see the 1-coin box in the in-game store right this minute.

We might see more freebies like this in the near future thanks to the system that's been put in place with Mega Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Niantic's notorious for attempting to keep the game alive by finding ways to... you know... pay their employees... so it's not a shock that Mega Pokemon have a pathway to profit. They'll likely ease the transition from a completely "free" game to a game that'll cost just a little bit of cheddar from time to time. Cross your fingers this isn't too much of a shock to handle – that or the Raid Battle changes enacted recently – it's all getting a boot!