Pokemon GO Eevee evolutions Glaceon and Leafeon perfect for now

If you're like me, you live in an area in the United States wracked by rapidly changing weather conditions this so-called spring. If Niantic wanted a better time to release their Ice and Leaf-type Eevee evolutions in Pokemon GO, they'll never find it. Right now's the best time to flip the switch to on – and plans to do so seem to be in the mix. UPDATE: Our dreams seem to be coming true!

UPDATE: A pair of Eevee evolutions were discovered in the latest version of the Pokemon GO app for Android these two models look pretty much as we'd expect, rolling with their traditional forms, both on the ice side and the leaf. What remains to be seen is the exact timing for public release – soon, one would expect.

Options for evolution of the Pokemon Eevee are larger than any other Pokemon thus far. At this moment we've got Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon, Espeon, and Umbreon. Next, if fate allows, we'll see both Glaceon and Leafeon.

Not Wild, No Way! (Not yet)

Much as we've discussed in the past, you'll be unable to find Eevee evolutions in the wild. You'll need to create them. You'll need to make sure the conditions are set right, and activate the evolutions on your own.

In the link above you'll see the ways in which you can attain the first five Pokemon in the Eevee evolution cycle. There's one way in which the name of the Pokemon (the name you've chosen) leads to an evolution. The other has to do with walking an Eevee as a buddy.

Evolution Potential

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, you attain a Leafeon after interacting with a moss covered rock. Seems innocuous, but there it is. It wouldn't be a shock to find that evolving an Eevee in a park in Pokemon GO turns it into a Leafeon – but we don't yet know! "The surface is covered with moss. It feels soft to the touch."

"It's a rock that is covered in ice. Touching it seems likely to freeze you solid!" That's what Pokemon GO Sun and Moon show when you've found the requisite icy rock. Could it be that Niantic might finally make the game react to real local environmental conditions? It remains to be seen.