Pokemon GO down just as new Legendary raids appear!

At news of a new battle system this morning, Pokemon GO was left in the lurch, knocking thousands of players offline at once. This problem began at around 8:30 AM Eastern Time and does not yet seem to be subsiding as this article goes life. This isn't the first time this has happened, but it's the first time in a LONG time that it's happened – these sort of problems seem to have largely been put in the past as Pokemon GO's userbase evens out to levels Niantic can handle.

Most problems with Pokemon GO right now seem to center on log-in, while server connections also seem to be affecting many players. Outages seem mostly centered around Japan, but are affecting large parts of central Europe and the East Coast of the United States as well. In each of these areas it seems that the login screen is the pressure point, while once players have (hopefully successfully) logged in, load times are relatively slow.

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Meanwhile Pokemon GO players are starved for news, it seems, as a couple weeks have gone by with the most basic of changes going on. During this time, Legendary Bird Pokemon have been available to the masses through Raid Battles. Now that the Raid Battles with the Legendary Birds are nearly over (for now), the next wave is upon us!

This morning Niantic and The Pokemon Company International announced that the next trio of Legendary Pokemon are prepared for release. The three Pokemon we speak of are, of course, Raikou, Entai, and Suicune. According to Niantic, "Raikou, Entei, and Suicune will be traveling across the world over the next several months, each spending up to a month in a region."

From August 31 to September 30:

• Raikou – throughout the Americas.

• Entei – throughout Europe and Africa.

• Suicune – throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

It would appear that the release of Mewtwo was delayed by Niantic after a brief period of availability in Japan. Stick around for more information about the future of these Pokemon appearing in the new "EX Raid Battle" release, too! Stick to our Pokemon GO Central hub on Facebook for more!