Pokemon GO Ditto update with new disguises for late 2019

Chris Burns - Oct 22, 2019, 10:02 am CDT
Pokemon GO Ditto update with new disguises for late 2019

Today we’re taking a peek at the latest update to Ditto in Pokemon GO. This Pokemon is a tricksy monster, to be sure – certainly when it comes to hiding in the wild. If you’ve never caught a Ditto, you’ll know good and well – it’s not easy trying to find Ditto, even when you’re doing your best to make it happen! Much of the difficulty Pokemon trainers have in finding Ditto in the wild has to do with its ever-changing set of disguises. Today we’re taking a look a the latest set of disguises which Ditto might use to hide itself in the wild!

Ditto in October / November 2019

As of late October 2019, Ditto can be a whole BUNCH of different Pokemon in the wild. There used to be means with which we could take a pretty good stab at finding Ditto in the wild via 3rd-party bots – back when Ditto first appeared in the game. But no longer! Now we’ve got to rely on good ol’ griding!

Pokemon disguises for Ditto
• Bidoof
• Gulpin
• Hoothoot
• Hoppip
• Ledyba
• Nummel
• Paras
• Remoraid
• Seedot
• Skitty
• Spinarak
• Venonat
• Weedle
• Whismur

Earlier this year Pokemon GO stopped serving up Ditto as Pidgey and Rattata. It’s likely that if any of the Pokemon on the list above should ever be given a Shiny version, they’ll no longer appear as a possible switch to Ditto. This is not definite – but it is very, very likely. Stick around as we track the changes!

Pokemon GO code

Pokemon GO contains a lot of code. Some of this code we can view thanks to the files provided in the Android version of the game. This Android version of the game gives us one BIG file called GAME MASTER which shows us which Pokemon are active, which new costumes are in the mix, and some other odd bits and pieces of neat info. This file does NOT tell us who Ditto has as a disguise at any one time. For that, we need testers!

Testers in the wild

SlashGear writers play Pokemon GO a bit – but we can’t do all this research on our own! As such, we’ve got friends in the field! If you’d like to be a tester – a citizen reporter, that is to say – let us know! The more data we can get on wild Pokemon GO captures, the better!

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