Pokemon GO Bidoof Breakout and all the bonus bits

If you're looking for Bidoof in Pokemon GO, it's you're lucky day. There's a Shiny Bidoof reelase starting on Friday, June 25 – that already started, it's been running all weekend long! Bidoof is in the middle of a Bidoof Breakout event, crowned by a Bidoof Day event on the 1st of July. That's this Thursday, where we'll see ALL THE FEATURES released in the Bidoof Breakout event available all at once, all day long.

This event features Team GO Rocket Grunts with Shadow Bidoof. There'll be at least three Snapshots available with Bidoof during the event, each day! If you're looking for an exclusive Bidoof Hat avatar item, you'll need to complete some special research (that'll take place on July 1). Bidoof Gift Stickers can be found all over the place this week.

On Thursday, July 1, 2021, starting at 10AM and lasting until 8PM local time, there'll be a Bidoof Day. That's the last day of the Bidoof Breakout event that started on the 25th of this month. During the entirety of the event series there'll be Bidoof out in the wild at "an incredibly high rate!"

You'll also notice that Bidoof is the ONLY POKEMON you can challenge in one-three, and five-star Raid Battles during this final day of the event series. There'll be no Mega Raids during this event, but keep a keen eye! There'll be Shiny Bidoof among the Raid Battle Bidoof, too.

Bidoof caught during the entirety of the event series will know Superpower. During the event if you use a Charged TM, you can teach Bidoof Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, or Ice Beam. Once the event is over, you'll find that an Elite Charged TM will be all that you can use to teach Bidoof Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, or Thunderbolt – so good luck to you!

From June 27 to June 28 at 11:59PM local time, you'll find 3x catch XP. During the Bidoof Day on Thursday there'll be a whopping 4x Catch XP. That goes for any Pokemon you catch – four times the experience points you'd normally get for such a catch.