Pokemon GO Alolan Forms: Here are all 10, ranked

Chris Burns - May 22, 2018, 12:57 pm CDT
Pokemon GO Alolan Forms: Here are all 10, ranked

Today we’re having a peek at all the new Pokemon coming to Pokemon GO this Spring and early Summer – ALOLA! Each Alolan version of a Pokemon has the same Pokemon root as its Kanto “Normal” form. Of course all Pokemon evolved from a single Pokemon at the origin of the Pocket Monster universe, but still – it’s important to know that an Alolan Raichu is still an evolved Pikachu at heart.

The differences between a “Normal” and Alola Form (Japanese: アローラのすがた Alola form) are sometimes slight, and sometimes drastic. The normal Ratata, for example, is a “Normal Type” Pokemon, while its Alolan form is both Normal and Dark types. While both versions have running and biting moves, Alolan Rattata and its evolution Radicate have FAT moves.

10. Rattata / Raticate

In the games Pokemon Sun and Moon, Alolan Ratata and Alolan Raticate both have the moves Hustle and Gluttony. They’re fast, but they eat a lot. As such, their hidden move is Thick Fat. The lore on this monster suggests that because Alolan Rattata doesn’t need to scavenge for food as often (as it lives on one of several islands), it gets gluttonous and fat.

9. Sandshrew / Sandslash

The most standard switch comes in Sandshrew, who was a Ground type in Kanto, but becomes Ice and Steel types in Alola. Instead of Sand Veil, Sandshrew has Snow Cloak. Instead of Sand Rush, it has Slush Rush. Sandslash’s plate/spikes become ice, and its claws get slight hooks!

8. Geodude / Graveler / Golem

Geodude basically turns to Tazer Face in this Alolan iteration. Where before it was Rock and Ground in all evolutions, Alolan Geodude gets the rare combination of Rock and Electric types. It’s such a rare combination of types that it’s currently unique in all versions of the game! This is also the only 3-tier evolution that’s given all-Alolan forms thus far.

7. Meowth / Persian

Standard Meowth is Normal type, Alolan Meowth is Dark type. Both versions have the same lucky coin on their head, and both have the same standard moveset. Meowth’s color is almost opposite of its original sort, going from a light tan to a blueish violet. The big difference comes in the evolved form, with Persian.

This Persian has a far more broad body and an aqua-colored jewel at its forehead instead of pink. It also looks like it fell off a table and got a little pancaked.

6. Marowak

Marowak’s always been one of my favorite Pokemon, not least of all because its backstory is so shockingly disturbing. That skull it wears upon its head is supposed to be the dismembered skull of its mother. It’s one of those bits of lore that’d make a lot more sense if there were only one of each Pokemon – but there aren’t. So every single Marowak has its mother’s skull on its head as a helmet/mask.

And I’m only now getting to the Alolan version! This version Takes Things Up A Notch with a new dark mark upon its skully forehead, a darker, larger body, and ghostly fire! Its bone tomahawk now has a ghost-type fireball at each end! This Pokemon’s standard type is ground – the Alolan version turns to both Fire and Ghost types.

5. Grimer / Muk

Official lore on Alolan Grimer and Muk suggests that it eats some very strange garbage on the islands of Alola. Becaue it eats a variety of odd garbage on Alola, this Muk’s body has “chemical changes” as well as crystallized poison shards. That’s what those spikes are on Muk – ready to jab all enemies with Poison type power.

4. Vulpix / Ninetails

It’s as if someone drained the color from Vulpix and ramped up the blue highlights in Photoshop in Alola. Original Vulpix is all about fire, and Alolan Vulpix is all about ice. While both Vulpix and Ninetails original forms were just fire and Alolan Vulpix is ice, Alolan Ninetails gains Fairy, too.

3. Raichu

It’s not clear yet whether Pokemon GO will make Pikachu and Pichu into Alolan forms – but Raichu is certainly in the mix. This is easily the cutest transformation of the bunch. Alolan Raichu had all of its corners rounded off and Psychic added to its type.

2. Digglet / Dugtrio

The Alolan Digglet’s sprouted a single sprig of golden blond hair. So little hair you might not even notice the difference. This Alolan version of Digglet gained Steel Type in addition to its standard Ground type in Alola. As such, the obvious evolution becomes Alolan Dugtrio, complete with long, glowing, luxurious hair, in several styles.

1. Exeggutor

I considered not choosing Exeggutor because of its obviously most-insane look, but I couldn’t imagine it being anywhere lower on the list. This Alolan form looks like whoever was in charge of creating Alolan forms said to themselves: “How far can I push this look before it becomes too bonkers?”

Regular Exeggutor is Grass and Psychic types. Amongst the islands of Alola, Exeggutor traded in Psychic and gained DRAGON. This… thing… is a dragon. That’s what we’re dealing with now. Welcome to Alola!

Niantic’s playing this update pretty close to the chest. As such, we only know that they INTEND to release these Pokemon in coming weeks. Whether they actually do or not – we won’t know until you do!

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