Pokemon GO Adventure Week Event: everything you need to know

The next in-game celebration event for Pokemon GO is about to go down – starting this week. Details on the event have been shared this morning for the event that'll take place starting on May 18th, 2017 – that's this Thursday – and will go on until the 25th of May. This event will focus on Rock Type Pokemon from the start and will be called "Adventure Week" – which of course means we'll be collecting so many Geodudes that we'll have rocks in our pockets for real. Or, you know, the more rare Pokemon of the Rock variety, like Omanyte and Kabuto.

This event will be starting on the 18th at 1PM Pacific Time – that's 4PM Eastern Time. Increased rates of Rock Type Pokemon will be joined by some Buddy Candy that'll take half the distance it normally takes to attain. UPDATE: Actually it's not half, but one FOURTH the time – so where some candy would have taken 4KM to attain, it'll take only 1KM instead!

This update for Pokemon GO will include an additional "brand-new avatar wardrobe item" as well. This "Adventurer's Hat" will be available to all players for free for the duration of the event. After the event it'll probably be available for free too – but we'll have to see about that when the time comes.

Adventure Time lettering above by Ask Angelo via DeviantArt. Background from another Pokemon-loving DeviantArt user by the name of Haymurus It's Pokemon GO time by SlashGear – as it were.

The Pokemon GO Adventure Week event will be bringing "more items" at each Pokestop, too. That means that instead of getting, say, 3 items like normal, each Pokestop will give at least 5 – or so. Maybe we'll be getting 6 or 8 – it really depends on how generous Niantic is feeling, to be entirely honest. We won't know until the event begins, as each Pokestop's contents are decided server-side.

Rock Type Pokemon more common during Pokemon GO Adventure Week:

• Omanyte

• Omastar

• Kabuto

• Kabutops

• Geodude *

• Graveler *

• Golem *

• Aerodactyl

• Onix

• Sudowoodo

• Larvitar *

• Pupitar *

• Tyranitar *

• Corsola *

All those with a "*" have not mentioned by Niantic, but are rock-type Pokemon that are in the game right this minute. We would not be shocked at all, whatsoever if these Pokemon appeared a lot more common starting Thursday. Remember: Golem is a beast – don't discount Geodude just because it's normally not too terribly difficult to find!

Above you'll see a list of Pokemon GO monsters that've been called out by Niantic as becoming more common this next week-long event. This is likely just a partial list. Stick around for more details as we run down the event's contents via Twitter in our Pokemon GO account @TeamPokemonGO! We've got lots of gifs and meme-centric bits and pieces there, too!