Pokémon Global Link, New Pokémon Worlds Launches April 13

Pokémon Company International has announced the launch of Pokémon Global Link on Wednesday, April 13th. Global Link had been delayed indefinitely due to the Japan tsunami and earthquakes. Through the Global Link website, users can access post-game worlds, including Dream World and Global Battle Union. Users can also save their progress online.

In order to enter Dream World, just tuck your tuckered out Pokémon into bed, and an alternate universe opens in which users can make new Pokémon friends, grow Berries, and collect items that can be used in the "awake" Pokémon world.

In Global Battle Union, users can track and compare global battle stats and play against other users. The site will go live Wednesday, but users can sign up for a free Pokémon Trainer Club account today.

Pokémon "Black" and "White" versions launched March 6th, and have sold over 1 million units each in just three days. The new games beat the US sales record of Pokémon games. The record was previously held by the Diamond and Pearl versions that launched in 2007 with a combined sales total of 780,000 units in one day.

As for Global Link, our own Chris Burns said, "Man if i were 14 again i'd be ALL over that!" Has it been all Pokémon all the time in your house?

[via PC Mag]