Pokemon Day just made Post Malone into a 3D cartoon

The Pokemon Company just announced that they'd be bringing Post Malone into the Pokemon universe. Much in the way Epic Games brought several music artists into Fortnite with virtual concerts of several sorts, The Pokemon Company decided it was time to team up with Post Malone. There'll be a virtual concert with Mr. Post on Pokemon Day this year – but that's not the strangest part of this situation.

This virtual concert will feature a Pokemon 3D animation-style Post Malone. The clay-like vision of the music artist, complete with facial tattoos such as the hammer, the sword, barbed wire, morning star, "Stay Away", and "Always Tired." Post Malone delivers a message to the Pokemon universe in the introduction to this situation this week as well.

"It's crazy," said Malone. "I never would've guessed we would be here today. After 25 years, it's you, the fans, that make all this possible. It's been a wild journey so far. But now we're here. And it feels so good."

This concert will take place on February 27, 2021, at 7PM Eastern Time. At that time, you'll be able to watch the concert at Pokemon dot com (slash) 25. That's also the 27th of February, 24:00 GMT (at the same web address). No word yet on whether Malone will be appearing in Pokemon Sword and/or Shield – we shall see!

Sidenote: Post Malone's otherwise most recent cross-brand collaborations include a special edition pair of Crocs and a promotion of Bud Light beer. This is just about the most off-the-wall collaboration between two brands that's ever existed in the history of strange brand collaborations – which is why it's neat! What sort of Pokemon-related concert do you think The Pokemon Company International should summon next?