Pokebra - Hooters! I Choose You!

I know nothing of bras really other than the one handed pop-twist-fling move that I learned in my college days in a martial arts class called Bra-Maga. What I do know is that if any of you ladies out there want to get some lingerie that will really grab the attention of the geek in your life, skip Victoria's Secret and head over to Etsy. The only bra that will take your geeks mind off getting you out of it are these three bras from the ScreenShoes shop on Etsy.

The bras are custom painted with any of several designs on them. If you are into Pokemon the Pokebra is the ticket. Each of the cups looks like a Pokeball. I'm actually surprised there is no jock strap for guys to get for their geeky ladies, that one seems obvious to me. The Pokebra is cool, but the old school gamer might like the other styles better.

I think my favorite is the hand-painted Mario mushroom and goomba bra, I shall call it Braio. You can also get a bra with half of an old school Nintendo controller on each cup. This undergarment is henceforth known as Niptendo. Now for the downside, if you are a smaller woman you may be out of luck, the bras don't come in any 32-inch sizes. You can apparently get them in just about any other size though. All the art is hand painted and the bras cost $30-$35 each.