Pogoplug iPhone app makes external HD's accessible from anywhere

A new application application for the iPhone called Pogoplug allows users to access their computer's external hard drives from anywhere through the Pogoplug, a $99 personal cloud storage device. Accessing the hard drives isn't the only trick this app can do: it can stream music, video and view office files. If users don't have space on their iPhone for a movie, they can simply elect to stream it from their external storage over the air.

The Pogoplug (pictured above) allows the creation of a personal file-sharing cloud for access anywhere on the internet. You can send and retrieve files, stream movies and music, and do anything else you want as if you were actually plugged into the external drive. This is definitely a handy option for users who lose thumb-drives but still need copious amounts of storage on the go.

The Pogoplug iPhone application is Free, but requires the $99 Pogoplug to work. If anyone makes the purchase, let us know how it works out. Hopefully we can get our hands on one to try it out soon.

[Pogoplug and the Pogoplug App]