POCO reveals new devil/angel logo for future phones

The future of the POCO phone brand is sort of Mad, but with a "sense of goodness." According to documentation for their brand update this week, their new logo is a bit of a mashup of elements, some good, some bad, some witty. You'll find the icon here, complete with antennae, a halo, mad eyes, and a triangle mouth.

The new POCO logo is explained by the designers of said logo as follows. There's a halo on the head which "signifies a sense of goodness." They've suggested that they are "Mad, but with a cause."

The eyes on the face are mad, yet not... entirely evil. "The intent in the eye brings in a unique kind of incongruity when pitted against the halo on top." The mouth, they suggest, "subtly connotes our sharp wit."

This is POCO's new "protagonist", said the creators of the new brand identity. "Does it not invoke a confusing emotion in your mind? Well, bang on," said the designers.

POCO is a smartphone brand that makes relatively low-priced smartphones with quality that far outweighs their cost. The POCO brand was a sub-brand of Xiaomi starting in the year 2018, now it's becoming more of its own entity. If they continue to make big moves like a complete rebranding of the company with a bang-up job like this, we can expect they'll either become a massive hit, or crash spectacularly under their own weight. We're hoping for the former!

It's not clear at the moment whether this brand will appear on the next POCO smartphone, or if it'll be reserved only for phones and materials for POCO devices in the distant future. We'll find out soon enough! Take a peek at the timeline below for more information on the POCO brand, including reviews of two of their most major phone releases!