POCO F1 Android 10 stable update might just be a few days away

Affordable smartphones, whether mid-range or the rare high-end, aren't uncommon but you may sometimes get what you pay for, especially in terms of software support. A good number on this tier are lucky to even see a single major update, much less the usual two. The POCO F1, sold as the Pocophone F1 in some markets, is in a rather curious spot in between mid-tier price and high-end specs. Fortunately, Xiaomi has taken the latter factor when it came to Android updates and might be rolling out its second and last major update in a matter of days.

If you've been keeping tabs on everything Xiaomi, including its sub-brands and subsidiaries, the Android 10 update for the POCO F1 shouldn't be a surprise anymore. The first beta of that update was made public in January but then suddenly fell silent, perhaps raising concerns that POCO would push through with the update. After all, the phone already received Android 9.0 Pie, which is more than what others on that price tier are able to get.

Over at its MI forums, the company surprised owners with the second beta of MIUI 11 with Android 10. More than just another beta, it is the version that could roll out as stable to all users after a few days. That is presuming testers don't come across any showstopping bugs at this point.

Xiaomi doesn't provide any changelog for the betas (and even forbids redistributing the ROM) as is its policy. That changelog will only be provided after the stable rollout but users have reported positive experiences with smoother UI, more stable Bluetooth audio connection, and more. On the visual side, users might not see many obvious differences as the phone has been running on MIUI 11 for quite a while no, just based on Android 9 instead of Android 10.

Given Xiaomi's history with Android updates, this is definitely a reason for POCO F1 owners to rejoice. Especially considering the POCO X2 could have taken resources away from supporting a year-old product.