PocketPro for iPhone analyzes your golf swing

If you are a golfer that uses the iPhone, you may be interested in a new gadget for the iPhone that will analyze your swing. The device is called PocketPro and it has a clip on speed radar system that sticks to your club and measures your swing.

The small nylon clip hangs from the club just below the grip and promises to not interfere at all with your swing. The software portion runs on the iPhone 4 and records your swing data as you play. The app can reconstruct the entire swing using OpenGL 3D.

The clip that hangs from the club has a 3-axis digital gyroscope inside and accelerometer sensors that measure acceleration and rotation rate using MEMS. The device has 15Mbit of onboard flash storage so you can play all day and then transfer the swings to the iPhone over Bluetooth. The device isn't for sale yet, but you can register to be notified when it launches here.