pocketDevice Mphone Radio Number One Special Edition

James Allan Brady - Nov 29, 2007

That’s the distributors name, manufacturers name, and then the last 5 are the actual product name, in the title. What a mouthful, anyways, its an Italian device, and it’s a different look at a similar idea.

Basically they took and built a decent MP3 player, and then added the GSM phone functionality, instead of the general way of thought where they build a decent phone and then add an MP3 player function to it. Its very basic too, it weighs 60 grams, has an MP3 player, Phone, USB, Bluetooth FM Radio, Voice Recorder, and a 1GB microSD card that comes with it.

The phone part has polyphonic/mp3 ringtones, vibroalert, SMS, phonebook, T9 text entry, calculator, calendar, currency converter, and a few other apps. Its small, and very basic in functionality, sure, its not as elaborate as the iPhone, but that’s the point, its for those people that want the combined function of an MP3 player and a cell phone, but with the ease of use of the phone you can get for “free with contract”, no word on price or availability though.

PocketDevice MPhone Radio Number One MP3 Player/Mobile Phone [via unwired view]

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