Pocket is a modern wallet and portable battery in one

Phorce has launched "Pocket," a wallet that includes an integrated battery for charging your phone or other gadgets while out and about. Pocket, of course, also functions as an actual wallet, featuring a slot with a spring-loaded mechanism for inserting and removing cards. Overall, Pocket is smaller than most (filled) conventional wallets.

The idea is that you have your phone wherever you go, and you probably have your wallet, too. Charging is one of the modern world's daily concerns, and so adding a battery to one's wallet means a charging option will always be a pocket away. The wallet can hold 7 cards and some paper bills, and is small enough to hold in one's palm.

There are two integrated cables, one micro USB and the other Lightning. Two devices can be charged at once, such as a phone and headphones. How thoroughly it will charge your device depends on what you have. Pocket can take an iPhone 6s to 50% or more, for example, while it'll take a Galaxy S6 to the 35-percent or more mark. The wallet is charged from a wall outlet.

Phorce is seeking funding on Kickstarter, where it has raised about $8,000 of its $200,000 USD goal with 41 days remaining. Interested backers can pledge $59 USD for an early bird unit, which includes four extra quick straps. The planned retail pricing is $99 USD. Estimated shipping to backers will take place next June, assuming that all goes as planned.