Pocket for iOS updated with text-to-speech feature

Pocket, the wonderful app that lets users save articles and other content for reading later on, has updated its iOS app with a text to speed feature. With this feature, busy users can have their saved articles read to them while they do other things the same as an audio book. It's a handy feature, one that makes it easier to work through one's saved articles while driving to or from work or while doing other things that require your attention to be (mostly) elsewhere.

The update was pushed to the App Store today, and comes years after the company introduced the feature — called "Listen" — to its Android app. It has been a long wait for iOS users, so much so that many users doubted they'd ever get access to it on Apple's devices.

You can see an example of the text to speech feature in the screenshot above. Says Pocket, "Listen" includes easy ways to skip paragraphs, adjust the reading speed to suit one's own needs, and more. In addition, the feature includes automatic language detection, and supports "all languages".

The feature can be found under the ". . ." button via the toolbar on the bottom of the app. It is called "Listen". In addition to the new feature, the iOS app update brings unspecified improvements and bug fixes.

SOURCE: Pocket Blog