PNY LEGO USB drive launches, is compatible with your other LEGOs

We've seen all sorts of odd and novelty USB flash drives over the years (check out the Star Trek set), but none that can be used as a piece of a larger construction. Cue PNY's new partnership with LEGO, and the plastic-brick storage devices that naturally follow.

PNY has launched a line of LEGO flash drives, with each one (you can get them in blue, red, and yellow) being compatible with an ordinary LEGO brick. You can build onto the flash drive if you want, or include it in some larger construction if you find a compelling enough reason.

The flash drive is available in both 8GB and 16GB capacities, and is fitted with a keychain loop for putting it on your key ring. With the order comes a complementary second LEGO block — just a block — the purpose for which isn't entirely clear.

The flash drive is USB 2.0, with a slide-out construction rather than an end cap. The unit measures in as the same size as your average long-brick LEGO. Check out our USB Drive portal for other devices.

VIA: Liliputing