Pluto TV adds a free Showtime channel, but there are limitations

Free TV streaming service Pluto TV has expanded its offerings with a new Showtime channel — one that is free to access despite Showtime's premium nature. The addition gives viewers access to Showtime content, but as you'd expect, there are some limitations on the new channel including the presence of commercials.

Pluto TV is one of the most popular free over-the-top streaming services that offer access to an experience akin to live TV. The platform's content greatly expanded following the company's acquisition by ViacomCBS, bringing content like older Nickelodeon episodes for kids. In addition to the live channels, Pluto TV also offers a selection of on-demand content.

According to Variety, the platform is adding an ad-supported Showtime channel called 'Showtime Selects' featuring uncensored originals. The channel will offer around 250 hours of content from the premium network, the idea being that you may see something you like and decide to pick up an actual Showtime subscription for the full content library.

Showtime Selects will feature originals from the network, including episodes from shows like Shameless, Your Honor, Ray Donovan, The Affair, Billions, Californication, and more. The only full series on Showtime Select, at least based on the report, will be The Loudest Voice.

The decision to launch a limited Showtime channel on the free streaming platform isn't surprising. Pluto users who may otherwise never watch Showtime content will be exposed to the kind of content they can get from the network, which offers its own paid streaming service priced at $11/month. In addition to getting the full show content, Showtime's subscribers are also given an ad-free experience.