Plume router-less WiFi solution pre-orders commence

Plume is a company that wants to change how we get WiFi signals around our homes and offices. Rather than relying on a router that sits in one place and we hope will cover all the space we need covered, plume takes a different approach. The company doesn't rely on a router as most wireless networks do now; Plume uses something it calls pods that can be plugged directly into wall sockets around the home.

Plume recommends a pod for each room of the house to give you complete coverage. The Pods are controlled by something called the Plume Cloud to provide more speed and connectivity than you get with a single router network.

"A single router can no longer meet the Wi-Fi demands of most homes today," said Fahri Diner, CEO and co-founder of Plume. "While the latest generation of multi-router systems improve signal strength, they can choke the overall system capacity and speeds. These unnecessarily expensive products are based on decades-old technology that compounds the issue of a central router and cannot handle the complex variables and loads affecting a Wi-Fi network in a modern connected home."

Plume's technology uses what it calls Adaptive WiFi that is able to respond to varying conditions around the home. The tech allows the network to monitor when devices connect to it and to optimize the network for performance. Devices can also seamlessly roam from one pod to another as the device moves around the home.

The system is setup using a mobile app and the system supports access control for guests and family members. Plume Pods are $39 each during the pre-sale and come in champagne, silver, or onyx colors. The Plume Pods will launch in the fall and will sell for $49 each at that time.

"Imagine an evening at home, where people are streaming 4K shows simultaneously on three TVs, surfing the web, online gaming, checking email and shopping," Diner continued. "Add in your home's connected devices – such as smart security cameras, door locks, speakers, or thermostats – all competing for the same network. Then imagine your neighbors' homes doing the same thing on the same Wi-Fi channel. Plume overcomes the current limitations of existing solutions, which can't effectively handle these situations, let alone the increased demand we'll see in the very near future."