Plugfones Liberate are earplugs first and earbuds second

Noise isolating earphones are nothing new; there are hoards of these products on the market today. A new device called the Plugfones Liberate have been unveiled and they make a key distinction between themselves and other noise isolating products. The distinction is that the Plugfones are meant to be an earplug first and an earbud second. That would indicate that blocking external sound is more important than the audio playback.

Plugfones Liberate is a Bluetooth 4.0 set of earbuds that promise the same audio quality as the wired Plugfones on the market already. The Liberate version being a wireless product doesn't need to plug into your smartphone or MP3 player. Liberate has a Bluetooth 4.0 antenna inside and is designed to be fully sweat proof and has a noise reducing mic for voice calls. The play and pause button is rugged as are the volume buttons, song progression buttons and the USB charge port is water resistant.

The internal battery is good for eight hours on a single charge. Plugfones Liberate come in yellow/dark blue long cable model and a black/grey short model. The long model is 18-inches from earplug tip to tip with the short version being 14-inches tip to tip, the total weight is 4.5 ounces and the mic for calls is on the right side lead. The longer version lacks that mic and buyers get to choose their version when the campaign ends.

Plugfones Liberate is on Kickstarter seeking $35,000 and has raised over $181,000 at the time of writing with 18 days to go. A pledge of $69 or more will get you either version of the Liberate with shipping estimated to happen in June 2016. The noise reduction rating is 26 decibels meaning these should be good enough for noisy job sits or firing guns.

SOURCE: kickstarter