Plextor announces new optical drives

Brenda Barron - Nov 25, 2008
Plextor announces new optical drives

Plextor has just announced several new optical drives that round out their line up for the rest of the year. All of your bases are covered with these new offerings, including Blu-ray lovers to DVD±RW admirers.

Five new models have been added to the line up. For starters, there’s the PX-610U 8X Slim External USB Super Multi Drive. This drive is compatible with both PCs and Macs and acts as a portable DVD writer. It possesses an internal battery, so only one USB port connection is required for power and for the transfer of information.

The PX-B310SA is a 6X internal SATA and the PX-B310U is a 6X external USB. Both are Blu-ray combo drives and allow you to play Blu-ray movies, and burn music or movies onto CD or DVD.

The PX-850SA is a 22X internal SATA and the PX-850A is a 22X internal PATA. Both are super multi DVD±RW drives. They make it easy to burn media onto CD or DVD. All of the new models come with PlexUTILITIES, with one exception, the PX-610U for the Mac. The new software lets you view information about the drives and helps you destroy information on DVDs and CDs. Various diagnostic functions are also included.

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