Plex media streaming app coming to new Apple TV

Adam Westlake - Sep 14, 2015, 7:12am CDT
Plex media streaming app coming to new Apple TV

With the new Apple TV that was announced last week getting the ability to run third-party apps along with its own App Store, we can begin to imagine some of the great apps and services from iOS that will get ported over. One that just been confirmed by its creators is Plex, the popular media server streaming app that lets users watch video content on their mobile devices. Speaking to ITWorld, Plex co-founder Scott Olechowski said they are eager to get started with the developer beta of tvOS, the Apple TV’s new operating system.

While the Plex app has been available for iOS for some time now, getting content to stream to the Apple TV has required that an iOS device use AirPlay to send it to the set-top box. The only other option has been to jailbreak an Apple TV.

Plex says it has long wanted to bring its client to the Apple TV, and it recognizes its something users have wanted as well. While the company has confirmed its plans to release an app for Apple TV, it notes that it doesn’t have an exact timeframe.

Fortunately it doesn’t look the wait will be very long, as Olechowski added that Apple is using the same API frameworks as iOS, making the process of porting an app to tvOS fairly easy. The new Apple TV will begin shipping in late October, and Plex says it hopes the app will be available within the following few months.


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