Plex for Kodi addon is now free for everyone

This past December, Plex announced an addon that would bring the best it has to offer to Kodi users, enabling the latter to access their Plex server via a device running Kodi. That was great news, but only for those who use Plex often enough to justify buying a Plex Pass. That has quietly changed, as now the Plex for Kodi plugin is available to anyone and everyone, and it is free.

Plex didn't make any formal announcements about this small but significant change, instead leaving it up to users to notice. Kodi, as many know, is the media platform formerly known as XBMC, one that is fairly sophisticated and capable of being installed on nearly any device. Though some have made it synonymous with piracy, it is far more useful and beloved by many.

Plex, of course, is the go-to solution for those who have a bunch of content and who want to setup a proper media server system. With the Plex for Kodi addon, these two worlds are brought together — mostly without limitation. The video above demonstrates the system, though it'll be readily identifiable to anyone who has used the Plex system. Everything works more or less the same.

The addon helps solve the debate between which is better — Plex or Kodi — and makes both systems available on your device. This is ideal if, for example, you're already using Kodi for most of your streaming needs but you want to have fast access to Plex, too. It also means you can access your Plex content on a device that may not support Plex directly.

Anyone with Kodi and Plex can head over here to download the addon. Note that Plex on Kodi doesn't have its full array of features, though you may not need anything that is missing. Notably, Plex on Kodi doesn't have parental controls or audio fingerprinting.

SOURCE: Windows Central