Pleo Available for Pre-order at Trossen Robotics

Trossen Robotics is announcing the availability of preorder for the Ugobe Pleo robotic dinosaur.

CEO Matt Trossen, "The Pleo has been the most talked about commercial robot since the Roomba. We anticipate very high demand for this product and are very excited to be carrying it for our customers. As with any new technical product which has garnered a strong buzz, people should reserve their place in line as soon as possible if they want one. We know that we will be tearing open a box as soon as they arrive."

Pleo / Companion Guide / AC Charger / Training Device / Warranty Card

Pleo Technical Specs:

Ugobe LifeOS

- 32 bit Atmel ARM 7 microprocessor – The main processor for Pleo

- 16 bit sub processor – The processor dedicated to the camera system

- (4) 8 bit processors that provide the low-level motor control for the servos

- (35) Sensors including a camera custom designed to fit into Pleo's very compact body.

- (4) foot-switches to detect footfalls and being picked up – assists with spatial orientation.

- (12) capacitive touch sensors (4) legs, (4) feet, back, shoulder, head, chin

- (2) microphones for directional sound detection

- (14) "Force" sensors, one per servo, to recognize abuse through force feedback joints.

- Orientation/tilt sensor

- IR transceiver for bidirectional data communication with other Pleos.

- IR interrupter for detection of objects in Pleo's mouth

- (14) motors. Standard low voltage DC motors

- (150) gears and clutches

- Rechargeable NiMH battery pack

- USB port with mini USB connector

- SD/MMC memory card slot

Pleo Size Specs:

Length: 18.8 in / 47.75 cm

Width: 5.84 in / 14.83 cm

Height: 6.82 in / 17.32 cm

Weight: 3.5 lbs / 1.59 kg

Sales Info:

Price: $349.95

Estimated Shipping date: July 2007

Pre-order Pleo here! Thanks Matt!