PlayStation VR hits 3 million units sold: Here are its 10 most-played games

Sony definitely took a risk by launching a console-based VR headset, but it seems that PlayStation VR is doing pretty well for itself. The company announced today that PSVR has hit a pretty big milestone, with 3 million units sold around the world. That isn't too shabby at all, and it's probably better than Sony expected at first.

To celebrate, Sony has done a number of things. Over on the PlayStation Blog today, it announced the release dates of two upcoming PSVR games. The first, Creed: Rise to Glory, will arrive on September 25 with pre-orders opening up today. Creed will be followed closely by Evasion, which is launching on October 9. Like Creed: Rise to Glory, Evasion is up for pre-order today as well.

Sony also shared a list of the 10 most-played games on the PSVR. What makes a game qualify for the "most-played" list is unknown – we're not sure whether its number of hours spent playing or total sales. In any case, have a look at the full list below:

1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

2. PlayStation VR Worlds

3. Rec Room

4. Resident Evil 7 biohazard

5. The Playroom VR

6. Job Simulator

7. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

8. Batman: Arkham VR

9. Farpoint

10. Superhot VR

There are a few entries on that list that probably won't come as a surprise to anyone. The fact that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR tops the list makes a lot of sense, especially if Sony is gauging these most-played titles by the amount of time gamers have spent playing them. It's also not surprising to see PlayStation VR Worlds rank in the second spot, as that comes as a pack-in with a lot of bundles.

Finally, Sony announced that as part of this milestone that it will be discounting a variety of PSVR games during its Totally Digital Sale on the PlayStation Store. The sale is on now, and it offers up to 20% discounts on some PSVR pre-orders and up to 40% off on some PSVR games. The Totally Digital Sale extends to PS4 games as well, so be sure to have a look at the store before it wraps up on August 28.