PlayStation Vita scores Crackle access

Crackle may not have the brand recognition of Netflix, but it still boasts a solid user base, offering Internet goers and device owners access to a library of movies and related video content, including original series and television shows. Starting today, owners of Sony's PlayStation Vita can now access the service from their gaming handheld, providing another element of entertainment.

The announcement was made by Crackle today, which is a unit of Sony Pictures Television — as such, it makes sense that it has arrived for Sony's handheld gaming console. The service is available in 22 countries across the globe, and garners about 43 million viewers as a result. As with Amazon Prime and Netflix, it now has some original series' under its belt.

Those on the PlayStation Vita can access all of Crackle's entertainment offerings, whether movies or television shows. Crackle says there's no restriction on location, and that HD content can be watched at such a resolution by the gamers (though not all content on the website is in high-definition, so mileage will vary).

The content on Crackle varies tremendously, and in some instances includes content that can't be watched on Netflix, making up for the lower-resolution of certain shows. The service offers Seinfeld and similar 90s shows, "Chosen", "Rescue Me", and more.