PlayStation: The Official Magazine ending production later this year

Back in August, we learned that the offices of Nintendo Power will be going dark at the end of the year. Today we're finding out that Nintendo Power won't be the only gaming magazine to cease production in 2012, as Game Informer reports that PlayStation: The Official Magazine will be joining it. PlayStation: The Official Magazine will be shutting down after its Holiday 2012 issue hits newsstands.

Future US, the publisher of PlayStation: The Official Magazine, confirmed the news to Kotaku. "Future US can confirm it will end production of PlayStation: The Official Magazine with the last issue slated for the Holiday 2012 issue," said a company spokesperson. PlayStation: The Official Magazine has been releasing monthly ever since the first issue launched the magazine way back in September 1997, though back then it was known as PlayStation Magazine.

Future US is also the publisher of Nintendo Power, so we guess it should come as much of a surprise that it's pulling the plug on PlayStation: The Official Magazine as well. Print media has taken quite a few hits with the rise of the Internet, and game magazines seem to be going dark at a pretty depressing rate. Unfortunately, we don't have a reason why Future US is dropping PlayStation: The Official Magazine, but then again, it's pretty easy to assume that it's because of lagging subscriber numbers.

To tell the truth, we'll miss both Nintendo Power and PlayStation: The Official Magazine. To many of us, Nintendo Power and PlayStation: The Official Magazine both served as go-to gaming news sources, so it's sad to see them go. Keep it tuned here to SlashGear, as we'll update you if we hear anything more about the shutdown of PlayStation: The Official Magazine.