PlayStation teases All-Stars fighters Big Daddy and Drake

It's nearly time to see what the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale game is really going to bring to the table, and the Facebook app for the PlayStation console itself may be spoiling the surprise. While we're sure titans such as Sweet Tooth and... Parappa the Rapper are going to be appearing in this all-out brawl, it appears that a couple more fighters have been revealed today as well.

What we're seeing here is the PlayStation Facebook app showing off BioShock's Big Daddy as well as the game Uncharted's Nathan Drake as well. What other mysteries will this fighting game hold? Have a peek at the thus-far-revealed fighters list right here, and note that all the starred entries are rumored only!

• Colonel Radec [Killzone]

• Fat Pricess [Fat Pricess]

• Kratos [God of War]

• Sky Cooper [Sly]

• Sweet Tooth [Twisted Metal]

• Cole McGrath [inFAMOUS]

• Yorda [ICO]

• Ratchet [Ratchet and Clank]

• Jak and Daxter [Jak and Daxter]

• Sackboy [LittleBigPlanet]

• Nariko [Heavenly Sword]

• Snake [Metal Gear Solid]

• James Bond [James Bond]

• Nathan Drake [Uncharted]

Get ready for an all-out brawl the likes of which have not been seen since Super Smash Brothers – and this time don't expect it to be so cute!

[via IGN]