PlayStation store cards finally hitting shelves

So if you have a PSP or especially a PS3 the content available for purchase on the PlayStation has probably garnered your attention, well, they are finally putting the pre-paid cards for said content on store shelves. So far it appears to only be the $20 cards, and even then have so far only been seen on an army base.

This would be an optimal solution for buying credit on the network for someone else, for those without a credit or debit card, or for those concerned with security issues of giving up your credit info to a gaming system. Oh, and the best part, no freakin' points systems, we are working with real life dollar amounts here none of this 80 points = 1 dollar BS.

Seriously, why do MS and Nintendo persist on some half retarded points system? Is it because it's easier to kiss points away as you spend them on some dumbass theme for your 360?

PlayStation Store Cards Already In The Wild [via Kotaku]