PlayStation Plus subscribers get exclusive free Fortnite Carbon skin

Sony has a special treat for PlayStation Plus subscribers right now: a free Fortnite skin and back bling called 'Carbon.' The offer is exclusive to PlayStation Plus, the company's subscription plan for PS4 owners who want to play multiplayer games online. This isn't the first time PlayStation 4 console owners have been offered a free skin, but it won't be available forever.

The PS Plus 'Carbon Pack' skin set is available to download in the United States, Europe, and Australia for current subscribers. The pack is, as with the monthly games offered to subscribers, totally free to download and players get to keep it forever. The item was added to the PlayStation Store on March 26; it's unclear how long it will be available.

The two cosmetic items included in the Carbon Pack include the Carbon Commando Outfit available in the battle royale and Creative modes, as well as Carbon Pack Back Bling — a cylinder-shaped tech item that matches the skin's predominately blue color scheme.

Assuming you have a PlayStation Plus subscription, you can grab the skin using your PlayStation 4 console by navigating to the PlayStation Store and scrolling down to the 'PS Plus' section. If you're in one of the supported regions, the Carbon Pack is listed as a free item. Click 'Download' and it will be immediately available in Fortnite.

If the item doesn't show up in your Fortnite skins collection, you may need to close the game and then relaunch it; the Carbon outfit should appear once the game is restarted. If it doesn't appear but the PlayStation Store says you own the item, you'll need to contact Sony for assistance.

The PS Plus Fortnite Carbon Pack is available to download here.