PlayStation Plus kicks off the new year with treasures and goats

The new year is always an auspicious time for new things, be it new life goals, new experiences, or new free stuff. Just because a decade has ended doesn't mean the free games on PlayStation Plus needs to as well. To mark the start of 2020, Sony is making available two new games, actually four, that will let you go on new virtual experiences, from jumping into the unknown in the name of treasure to hurling bleating masses of fur at anything and everything.

Treasure-hunting isn't as fun as kids' games make it sound like. Never mind all the dirt, dust, grime, and wild goose chases, sometimes your adventures turn into misadventures, especially when you encounter unsavory people who have the same goals as you. Just ask Nathan Drake or, better yet, just play as him.

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection chronicles the first three games in a franchise that may be too easily compared to Tomb Raider. Just with less supernatural elements and world-ending conspiracies involved. Uncharted is highly known for its atmospheric environments that have been reproduced with painstaking detail from real-world locations.

If you're not the type to hurl knives and grenades at innocent people and things, perhaps you'd prefer to hurl goats instead. One of the wackiest games to land in modern gaming history, Goat Simulator exploits the wonders of physics at the expense of these four-legged chewers. Finally revenge for all those games where they foiled the most intricate of plans!

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Goat Simulator will be available to PS Plus subscribers from January 7 to February 3. As always, they are yours to keep as long as you keep your PS Plus subscription active.