PlayStation Now tipped for PC launch later this month

Sony has a game subscription service called PlayStation Now that allows PlayStation owners to play a bunch of games streamed over the Internet. According to a new source that has cropped up, the company is planning to launch that game subscription service for PCs later this month, giving computer gamers the same massive roster of games for, presumably, the same $19.99/month price that PlayStation owners pay.

If you're unfamiliar with PlayStation Now, just think of it like Netflix, only you're browsing and streaming playable games instead of movies and TV shows. The service costs $19.99/month when subscribers pay one month at a time and $44.99 every three months with the latter subscription option. You can see the full list of games available on PSNow here.

According to the French gaming website Gamekult, Sony plans to announce the PlayStation Now service for PC on August 23. The service will, at least according to this report, be launching initially for users in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Belgium. It will launch the week after in the United States and Canada.

Sony has declined commenting on the rumor.

Assuming the report is true, the PC version of PlayStation Now will require users to be running Windows 7 or higher, and will require an Internet connection of at least 5MB/s. A total of 300 games will be made available to PC users, and users will be able to play the games with the DualShock controllers.

SOURCE: PlayStation Lifestyle