PlayStation Now support is ending for many devices later this year

Heads up, PlayStation Now users: later this year, Sony will end PS Now support on a number of different devices. You've still got a while before the culling begins, as Sony doesn't plan to end support for most of the devices on the chopping block until August. However, once Sony has ended support, you'll be severely limited in your options when it comes to accessing PlayStation Now.

Which devices are being discontinued? The list is long, with a variety of smart TVs losing support. Sony's own hardware isn't immune from this either, as the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita will be dropped as well. Have a look at the full list below:

- PlayStation 3

- PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV

- All 2013, 2014, 2015 Sony Bravia TV models

- All Sony Blu-ray player models

- All Samsung TV models

PlayStation Now support for all of those devices will be dropped on August 15 of this year. 2016 Sony Bravia TV models are also scheduled to lose PlayStation Now, but those are actually losing support before everything else. While other PlayStation Now users have until August, those with 2016 Sony Bravia TVs are being cut loose on April 1, 2017.

This pretty much leaves PlayStation Now users with PC and PS4 as their only options for streaming. Sony said in a blog post about this decision that it wants to focus on the PS4 and PC versions of PlayStation Now, which allows subscribers to stream hundreds of PS3 games over the internet. As you can probably guess, the reaction to this blog post hasn't been very positive.

One has to wonder if this means that Sony will soon begin to wind down support for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in general. Those devices are both getting up there in age, and Sony's decision to focus on PS4 and PC could signal the beginning of the end for them. We'll have to see if Sony makes any other announcements that move it away from the PS3 and PS Vita, so stay tuned.

SOURCE: PlayStation Blog