PlayStation Network Download Prices Unveiled

In a classic case of procrastination, Sony has JUST announced the first set of prices for their PlayStation Network downloads, a full 48 hours before the consoles go on sale over in Japan. While we've only been given the price for one of the downloads, this should give us some idea as to Sony's complete pricing plan for their lineup.

Sony's Blast Factor will retail on the download store for 840 yen; roughly $7.00 USD. There will also be a free demo available if you want to see if the game is any good before dropping a whole 7 bucks on it. The game itself will require at least 95 MB of hard drive space for installation, making this download come in slightly larger than first-generation Xbox Live! Arcade titles. Oh well, if it's a fun game, you can stand the extra download time, right?

[via IGN]